February Fossils


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Simple Tricks for How to be a Maker


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So how to make a product?

Step One: Find a need. Do not underestimate this step.

Step Two: Design. Function. Form. Materials. Try making a list of possible solutions, with consideration to the cost and feasibility of each. Make sure to keep in mind your target market.

Step Three: Prototype! Figure out what works. Make sure you think about how to reproduce it. If it takes twenty hours of hard labor to make one, how are you ever gonna sell them for a profit?

Step Four: Sell them and then make them. Or make them and then sell them. This depends on start up capital, and is usually a compromise of both.

Step Five: Be your own factory! Look for ways to keep time short, and barter resources to keep it cheap.

Manufacturing in the American South


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Slight content shift starts here.

My newest task in life is to try and validate a micro-manufacturing center here in Atlanta.  I don’t know about anyone else but to me this is exciting! We are lucky enough, or unlucky enough (depending on your slant) to enjoy a relatively low standard of living here. This makes it possible to easily compete with other regions of the US for manufacturing projects. This coupled with technology that minimizes labor costs makes here and now great for a maker. Stay tuned. 🙂

dot dot dursday.


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– Animalish day.  Saw a big (for the city) snake on the way to work. Awesome. Love to see signs of wilderness in the very unjunglely place I live.  No picture so ya’ll will have to make do with a throw back drawing of a flying squirrel.

– Also super into letter words. Like alfa, bravo, charlie.  So thats nothing gets lost in transmission. This is sort a platform for transmission so perhaps I should take precautions so you can be sure to understand… (we’ll just ignore the obvious lack of auditory or auditory interference : ) )

kisses.   kilo. india. sierra. sierra. echo. sierra.

Patriot Weekend Afterward Day


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This painting kind fits the theme – color wise that is. Been having a lot of unexpected run ins with this notion of countrydom. Working for a gov’t contractor has that affect I suppose. I am not one to argue about the awesomeness of america, but it pays the bills…..and teaches me some gnarly stuff about field medicine.

I recently made my first ever trip out west, the weather their was crazy…